Cybersecurity Analysis Neural Engine Whitepaper

A fundamental challenge with cyber security systems is the associated requirement toperform sophisticated data analysis at high speed. While machine learning (ML) is effectiveat addressing many Cyber problems, its computational complexity often makes its implementationinfeasible at line rates. Signature-based intrusion detection systems (IDSs) identifyknown attacks and fall into the misuse detection class. Machine Learning approaches …

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FPGA-based Machine Learning Whitepaper

Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology is eminently applicable to a large class of computing problems in general and machine learning in particular. Compared with other technologies including central processing units, digital signal processors, graphics processing units and application specific integrated circuits, FPGAs offer unique enhancement, Parallelism, Integration and Customisation (EPIC) opportunities, leading to improved latency, …

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When NASA Got Artificial Intelligence

Hidden Figures I recently watched the movie “Hidden Figures”.  From all reports it was reasonably accurate (given some poetic license on the directors part). Apart from the obvious equal rights messages the scenes describing the implementation of the IBM machine portrayed much human drama that is relevant to today’s debates on AI. The character Dorothy Vaughn …

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Emotional Intelligence as a Service

sA recent event got me thinking about some benefits of Artificial and Emotional Intelligence that are on the flip-side to the scare-mongering I referred to in earlier posts ( What is AI?, The Dumbest Doomsday Scenario). Bad Mannered Uber Driver The event was report in the Sydney Morning Herald (and a myriad of other news outlets). It …

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The Dumbest Doomsday Scenario

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald entitled The AI anxiety: our preoccupation with superintelligence references one of the most spectacularly dumb ideas about how an Artificial Intelligence could be a threat to humanity.  The scenario, envisaged by a philosopher at the Future of Humanity institute in Oxford, Nick Bostrum, is quoted below: “Bostrom’s favourite apocalyptic hypothetical involves …

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