Anti-racism Statement

CruxML is committed to respect for human rights including the right to live, learn and work free from discrimination. This is aligned with our non-discriminatory hiring policy and commitment to an inclusive workplace and a proactive approach to investigating, analysing and speaking out against racism.

Dr Barry Flower


Eliminating racism 

Racism can also intersect with other forms of discrimination based on religion, colour, descent, sexuality, gender or national or ethnic origin and commit to supporting all communities to the extent of our influence in eradicating discrimination. We also commit to challenging racist views in our publications and postings and the practices and policies these ideas inform.  

Our commitment to the First Nations peoples of Australia

We acknowledge the history and legacies of racism and ongoing injustices experienced by the First Nations peoples of Australia.
We recognise that it is important to listen, learn from and respect Indigenous knowledges, and to embed these within our policies and practices.

Truth-telling and acknowledging Australia’s past

To address the impact of racist ideas and practices and shape future teaching and research, we are committed to processes of truth-telling. It is vital that we understand Australia’s past and the benefits it affords us to better inform and de-colonise the future Australia.  

About this Statement

This Statement builds on the work already undertaken by many in our community, including the work of the National Centre for Cultural Competence.

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