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CruxML’s mission is to work with our clients to adopt real-time machine learning in their applications.

Dr Barry Flower


Our Mission

CruxML’s mission is to work with our clients to adopt real-time machine learning in their applications.

 We provide full-stack expertise including data collection, Machine Learning  (ML)  model development, off-the-shelf and bespoke Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) acceleration, hardware/software integration and training. We supplement our customers’ existing domain expertise with deep ML and FPGA hardware knowledge to realise novel products and solutions.


The development of ML systems begins with the data, and  preliminary analysis and preparation is crucial. 

Model selection can be extremely challenging since the ML field is changing rapidly. CruxML’s heritage in academia is beneficial in this regard. Framework selection is influenced by legacy concerns, translation paths to FPGA hardware and other factors and can save person-years of effort to speed up development and facilitate future upgradability. Sovereignty, performance and design productivity also influence solution choices and integration with existing system needs to be carefully managed.

Future Upgradability​
Design Productivity

Management Team

Philip and Barry have been successful collaborators for almost 30 years originating  when they were postgraduate students at the University of Sydney working on low-power biomedical machine learning applications, and multiple industry and academia collaborations in Hong Kong and Australia in the machine learning domain. This team has a track record of creating successful technology start-ups in the past.

Dr Barry Flower - CEO -CruxML

Dr Barry Flower​


Entrepreneur with strong credentials in  large global corporates, academia and engineering.

Prof. Philip Leong - CTO - CruxML

Prof. Philip Leong


Professor of Computer Systems at the University of  Sydney. Expertise in FPGA applications and architectures, low-precision  neural networks.

Dr Stephen Tridgell - Principal Engineer - CruxML

Dr Stephen Tridgell

Principal Engineer

PhD in Low Latency Machine Learning on FPGAs and former member of the Waymo Lidar team

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